Sunglasses: Where Fashion Meets Fashion

We recently spoke with Ruth Domber – owner of 10/10 Optics in NYC – to get the scoop on what to consider when buying new sunglasses this season. Combining style and safety is definitely the ticket. Even though many of us use our sunglasses to make a fashion statement, they function as our eyes’ line of defense from the sun’s damaging rays.

Fashionistas will be glad to know that we (both) are proponents of getting creative and playful with sunglasses! According to Ruth, many of the eyeglass rules can be broken because you don’t have to consider eyebrows or eye placement since they are hidden. Personality counts, so experiment with different colors and shapes. You can balance a round face with the definition of a more angular frame, while a square face is often flattered by frames that have more rounded, softer lines. Ruth adds that a larger frame is better for more coverage and polarized lenses will reduce glare. Wraparounds are great if you will be on the water since you will bombarded with light from many angles.

Ruth also suggests trying on different color tints – the two most popular being warm brown and cool gray. Let your preferences (and your personal coloring) dictate what’s best. The right choice will feel comfortable and will give the most accurate reading of stop light (red, yellow, green) color.

Don’t forget about UV protection. All glass lenses have UV protection, but beware if you are participating in physical activity or sports, glass can be dangerous if you get hit in the face. A better choice is “CR39″ plastic lenses that have been coated for maximum UV protection.

For driving, Ruth feels that it is better to avoid wraparounds as they will reduce the amount of light and that’s not good because light equals sight. She also advocates that your sunglass wardrobe should consist of at least three pairs: clear, transitional, and optimum use for the height of sun exposure.

Do use common sense and wear your sunglasses often: when exposed to midday sun, in high altitudes, on the water or beach. And of course, whenever you want to look fabulous!

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