Swimsuit Confidence

Finally it’s swimsuit season.  For some of us this brings up more than a bit of concern.  Fear not, my friends.  The words ‘swimsuit’ and ‘confidence’ need not be [...]

Shop Smart: Summer Sales

Let me set the stage. You are shopping in one of your favorite spots, and as if the sign were flashing neon, it calls to you…50% off! It’s energetic pull you can’t resist. [...]

Professional Summer Style

I love everything about summer – the slower pace, the longer weekends, and a more relaxed attitude that permeates almost everything – even getting dressed! For summer weekends, [...]

Swimsuits You’ll Love to Wear

How many times have we dreaded going into the dressing room to try on swim suits? Well, this season, let’s embrace our inner Goddess selves! We can flaunt our assets by highlighting them, while [...]

Looking Good from the Inside Out

There’s no question that looking good puts a spring in our step and shifts the way we see ourselves, others, and the world.  And, of course it colors other peoples’ perceptions of us (and does [...]