As the expert in your life, YOU call the shots.

My job is to stand beside you and give you tools to walk the most fluid and efficient path to your destination.


Whether we’re styling your wardrobe or strategizing the next chapter of your life, working with me means IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU. And, since everyone is different and comes to the table with different wants and needs, we get the opportunity to custom tailor your journey.

You may know exactly what’s not working and what needs to change. Or you may just have a sense that something’s off but not be clear about the source. Either way, we respect where you are and go forward from there.

The Perfect Sounding Board
I loved the time that I spent working with Carol. She is the perfect sounding board, and provides such a great balance of probing questions and guidance that helped me make become more focused and clear about how to move forward. What I was able to learn and achieve by working with Carol was more than I could have ever hoped for on my own.

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Rather than follow conventions and dictate arbitrary rules for you to follow, I listen closely for what YOU want most. Then I help you tap into the passion and potential you already have.

I give you the permission you haven’t given yourself to press pause and ponder who you are, what you really want, and where you’re headed next. Then we strategize the best way to get there.

You have the opportunity to:

  • explore, reflect, and take bold action in areas you’ve been inexplicably stuck before
  • adopt new thought patterns and habits that actually serve you
  • identify and prioritize what matters most
  • reshape your approach to your life and your future
  • experience the ease of being aligned and the thrill of accomplishment


Once we’ve identified your goals, we outline a plan of action that’s both purposeful and pragmatic. We break down your bigger goals into bold-yet-manageable-bites that feed your confidence and fuel your momentum.

We also identify the areas of fear and resistance that kept you stuck in the past to proactively avoid those blocks in the present and future.


We connect virtually once per week via phone or skype (in most cases for about 12 weeks). In between, you’re free to email me your progress, questions, and concerns.

At the end of our time together, we evaluate how far you’ve come and what makes the most sense for you moving forward.

Using the tools we’ve established as part of your new approach to living, the end goal is always for you to operate at your peak potential so your growth and expansion continue long after our time together.


Once we’ve established a working relationship, I am here for you should you want more support going forward. Whether it be to reach a new goal or turn the page in a new chapter, we can meet for a single session or design a new coaching alliance.

It’s time to stop silencing that inner voice calling you to more.

I spent years ignoring mine and I want to spare you that heartache and precious time. Start honoring your heart over your head. You are absolutely worthy of every delicious experience you desire. All you need is the right co-pilot in your corner and the courage to say YES to yourself.

I can’t wait to help you confidently and seamlessly step into what’s next. Take that first step with a complimentary 30-minute intro call.

For information please contact me for details.