In-Person Services

These services are offered a la carte. Most vary in duration, based on your particular needs. Packages are prix fixe offers that are set in scope, based on my most frequently requested services and priced for some savings.

Color Analysis, Style & Image Consultation

Learn what colors, shapes & styles are right for you.
2.5 Hours

In just 2.5 hours we will take the guesswork out of getting dressed! You will discover your best colors and styles; your most flattering shapes and the key components of your unique personal style. You will receive the tools, tips and techniques you need to choose the clothing and accessories that best suit you. The result? You will get dressed with greater ease and shop with more confidence than ever before.

Wardrobe Review

Identify your high-potential pieces as well as those to tailor, donate or consign.
2–4 hours

Before you shop it is important to evaluate what you already have. Together we will review your current wardrobe based on your physical characteristics, goals, preferences and lifestyle. We will determine what items work and why, what pieces to tailor and what pieces to add. We will photograph these items which I will later upload to your own, private online closet. In addition you will come away with a list of what you need, as well as some fresh ideas to recombine your existing pieces. (Note: a dedicated personal styling—a.k.a. outfit building – session may also be scheduled.) The result? A well-edited, well-organized, highly functional wardrobe with only those items that fit and flatter.

Note: If a wardrobe review is booked without an Initial Consultation, we will start this session first with a mini-assessment.

Personal Shopping

Make strategic clothing and accessory additions.
3–5 hours

To make the best use of our time together, I will pre-pull the clothing and accessories that meet your needs, preferences and budget. Upon arrival you will review and try on those items selected especially for you. Throughout this session you receive expert advice about the items that best work for you and best pair back to what you already own. The result? You purchase only those items that you truly love, can wear in multiple ways and with greater frequency.

Personal Styling

Discover head-to-toe looks that inspire you to get dressed!
2–3 hours

Using the high-potential pieces you have plus your favorite new additions, we will pull together and photograph head-to-toe looks that can take you from work to weekend. You also will discover helpful tips and styling tricks to recombine your pieces and get the most mileage from what you already own. Your photos will be uploaded to your own easy-to-use and easy-to-access online lookbook. The result? You will eliminate the frustration of “I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.” 

Style on Speed Dial
(An add-on service for existing clients only.)

All-access support to answer any shopping or styling questions that arise

Wondering if the outfit you put together works? Need to know what type of shoe best pairs with your pants? Want help deciding if you should put the item in question in your shopping cart? I already know what works for you and what you like. I will provide text, phone or email support to answer any styling or shopping questions that arise. As a bonus, I will send you the links to four fabulous “finds” (one per week) that will work back to and update your existing wardrobe. This service is perfect for existing clients who want on-going support or help between sessions.