Image Seminars

Let us tailor one of our image programs to the needs of your organization and staff. All of our sessions are upbeat, highly motivational and interactive. Your employees will be provided with valuable and lasting information and strategy that they can begin to use immediately. Individually your employee will benefit by receiving the image tools they need to advance. Collectively your organization will benefit by having a more unified, polished and professional presence in the market.

Personal Presence, Professional Impact

Your image speaks volumes, but what does it say? Consciously or not, people make value judgments based on your appearance, clothing, and posture. While you don’t have a choice about that, you do have a choice about the impression you choose to make. Learn how to manage the non-verbal messages you send to achieve the results you desire. Understand how to adjust your level of visual presence with the strategic use of color, style, line, and body language.

Cracking the Business Casual Dress Code

Do you ever experience confusion regarding your casual apparel? In the workplace? In your closet? While shopping? A more relaxed dress code was supposed to be easier. Ironically, traditional suits and their accessories are far less complicated. Learn how to decipher today’s casual dress code. Learn practical tips for resolving the confusion surrounding casual dress for work and play.

Arrive in Style: Pack Like a Pro

Any seasoned traveler will tell you, the less you bring the better. Yet, packing for a business trip can leave many professionals with more questions than answers: Can you pack light and still have everything you need? How can your clothing stay neat and unwrinkled? Will all your items fit in a carry-on bag? With this informative seminar, participants will receive dozens of packing tips and a definitive checklist of what to bring, how to pack it, and what to pack it in.

Color Me Confident

When you enter a store, are you often overwhelmed by all of the clothing choices? Learn how to avoid expensive clothing mistakes by choosing those pieces that are right for you. Learn about the different color seasons as well as how to “power up” using the messages that colors convey. Learn how color and silhouette can accentuate, balance or camouflage and how to best enhance your figure type.

Fashionomics 101: How to Buy the Best for Less

Champagne taste on a beer budget? Discover how to look like a million without spending a fortune. Vintage and thrift. Outlet and discount. Learn what to look for when shopping off-price and on-sale. Learn where to splurge and where to save to build a professional wardrobe that will support your success. Discover the tricks of the trade and how to create your own individual look on a budget.

Shop Your Closet

Have a closet full of clothes, yet nothing to wear? Learn how to organize your closet and get more mileage from your existing pieces. Learn to differentiate between the keepers, weepers and sleepers, as well as what pieces to add and subtract. With this session attendees will gain extra time in the morning and space in their closet…not to mention clarity about what to purchase next.

Partial List of Clients

AIG SunAmerica Inc.
Benfield Inc.
Benjamin Moore Paints

Columbia Mailman
School of Public Health
Ernst & Young
Fashion Institute of Technology
Goldman Sachs

Hill & Knowlton
Human Resources Association of New York
News Corporation

New York University
Time Warner