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#QuickFixes & preventative measures for your favorite shoes. #ProtectYourInvestment #StyleStrategist

Nothing says fall like the #PerfectPair of #KneeHighBoots. Here are 12 fab picks. #StyleStrategist

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The Virtue of Velvet

If this fall could be described in a textile, velvet would be it. This perfectly, plush fabric has been walking down the runways and filling up clothing racks in stores everywhere.  At first glance, it may seem like we have stepped back into a 90’s time machine but [...]

How to Consign with Confidence

Ever buy a fabulous designer bag or dress that was spot on for start of the season, but then lost its appeal? No matter how much you spent, it often feels like an “ouch.”  The good news is that there is an easy way to partially recoup your losses, earn money to put toward [...]

Three Denim Trends To Try

The beginning of October is finally upon us and this is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe with some of the top denim trends of the season! Whether you opt for a few of the “do-it-yourself” trends this autumn or hit the stores to find that perfect, life changing [...]

Fall Focus: Gray Plaid

It’s a new fashion season with a fresh perspective, new color palette and a potpourri of trends to choose from.  For some of us it’s not here a minute too soon as we grow tired of our summer selections. For others a bit of clothing confusion crops up when we start to [...]

A Case for Monochromatic Dressing

I love interesting color combos as much as the next person.  But no one can deny the elegance of wearing one color top to bottom.  Chic factor aside, there are a whole host of reasons that I recommend this simple, yet sophisticated color harmony.  For starters wearing one [...]

Tips on Keeping a Gratitude Journal

What do you think about before bed?  Studies have shown that what you focus on before you turn in can affect your overall stress level and promote a greater sense of calm at night.  So about a month ago, after a few sleepless nights and at the suggestion of a friend, I [...]

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