Swimsuits You’ll Love to Wear

How many times have we dreaded going into the dressing room to try on swim suits? Well, this season, let’s embrace our inner Goddess selves! We can flaunt our assets by highlighting them, while we camouflage our perceived “imperfections” with certain tricks of trade. Armed with some tips for what will flatter your particular figure, you can choose a style that will not only fit well, but look great!

First things first, self acceptance is the key. Are you full-figured? Curvaceous? Slim? Celebrate your body type by choosing styles that will help you look fabulous and feel confident in your swimsuit.
For the voluptuous ladies who are more full through the hips and thighs, look for eye catching details above the waist (i.e., a pop of color, deep neckline or hardware) to draw attention to your upper body. Also, try an arched leg that hits about an inch below hip bone. Alternatively, a skirted bottom, with a slit or ruched sides, accomplishes the same thing and makes the look a bit more flirty. In addition, vertical stripes or graduated shading (light on top, dark on bottom) create a slimming effect. Just say ‘no’ to boy shorts and avoid any embellishments on the bottom.

If you have a tummy, not a worry! Marilyn Monroe had one as well, so you’re in good company. Suits that skim over the mid-section like an A-line tankini are magic. A ruched or textured fabric over the mid section works wonders too. And, guess what? You can wear a bikini, but choose high waist bands that are shirred or folded to give more coverage. Stay away from tight fitting tankinis, belts, and low rise or sting bottoms and you’re in good shape.

Underwire in the swimsuit is key for large-busted gals. Wide straps, boning and seamed cups help, too. In addition, halter tops with wide bands can offer support and show off the ‘girls’. And, let’s not forget about racer backs and high necklines. They are practical ways to keep you swimming in style and support. Skip the skimpy styles that lack structure.

Straight, slim figure? Lucky you! Try 3 dimensional details like ruffles or bold prints to make you look more curvaceous. Bottoms with embellishments at the hip help to create a waistline; while horizontal stripes or a padded top will add volume. Opt for high cut sides that show off your hips. On the other hand, avoid vertical stripes, square necklines, or completely solid fabrics which can elongate and slim.

So, go out there, walk those beaches, or lounge by those pools in the swimsuit that’s perfect for you. Add a great hat, chic sunglasses, SPF, and a bit of attitude to complete your look. Remember…life is short, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Especially when there is so much to celebrate – and you’ll look fabulous this summer while you’re doing it!

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