How to Get Out of a Summer Style Rut

Chances are by now you’ve probably tried more than your fair share of 2013 summer trends and are ready to try something new. But you may have also exhausted your summer clothing budget (or come close to it). Have no fear – you can still breathe life into your closet – and do it without breaking the bank. Read on for some helpful tips on how to freshen your wardrobe before fall arrives.

Go back into your closet. This idea might not seem exciting at first, but going back to your closet with a fresh eye can truly make a difference. Set aside 45 minutes to an hour—less time than you’d spend in a store. Go to the back of your closet and search for three pieces that you haven’t worn this summer. Then make a conscious effort to pair (and wear) them. If you’re feeling uninspired, look to your favorite fashion magazine or stylish friend (or favorite image consultant!) for some fresh ideas. Who knows? You may catch yourself wondering why you haven’t touched ‘this’ skirt or ‘that’ blouse and feel like you just struck gold in your own closet. The best news is that these items are already paid for!

Play favorites. Be it a lack of time in the morning or just plain habit, most of us are guilty of wearing the same pieces the same way. What this means is that we sometimes get bored with the very piece(s) we used to love. It’s time to mix it up and keep the passion alive! Simply pick your three favorite items and try to find two new ways to wear them. For example, if you’ve only worn a silk long-sleeve blouse back to your favorite pencil skirt, why not pair it with Bermuda shorts and a wedge sandal? Or if you love a cool graphic T-shirt but got tired of wearing it with jeans and gladiator sandals, try it with your cargo pant or seersucker capri. With a little planning and ingenuity your work-only items can migrate to weekend and vice versa.

Be an early adopter. Fall 2013 has so many great trends, but don’t feel as though you have to wait until September 22nd to try them! Nipped-in waists are going to be a strong trend this fall, as seen on the Celine and Prada runway. You can achieve this look now with your favorite feminine dress, synched with a belt around the waist. Alternatively, dark wash jeans are going to be a hot denim trend for fall. Dust off your favorite pair from seasons past and wear them now with your favorite summer tank, tote and sandal.

It’s in the Bag. So many of us love to buy new handbags, yet only wear one or two with frequency. Why not switch your handbag to one that you haven’t used in a while? Since there’s never enough time in the morning, you may want to do this before you go to bed. To streamline this activity – and make it a regular part of your wardrobe routine – organize your essentials into little mini-bags so you are only migrating three or four zippered organizers (or even zip lock bags) instead of 20 individual items.

Try a new ‘do.’ Be honest. How long have you been wearing your hair the same way? If the answer is longer than you’d care to admit, why not try a new hair color or style? It’s amazing how this type of a change can make all of your clothing feel new again. For some ideas on new styles, check out Not ready to make a commitment? Look into new hair products, hair accessories and styling options to make a more subtle (and temporary) change to your look.

Ban head-to-toe black (or any other neutral). If ever there was a time to inject a bit of color, the time is now! Even the most die-hard lover of neutrals can agree that a pop of color can brighten any outfit, your complexion and even your outlook! For those who are color-phobic (or even color-resistant), start small by adding a colored shoe or necklace to an all-black outfit. Continue to add as much color as you are comfortable. (Colored jeans anyone?)

Bottom line: what worked before may not be working now. It’s OK. Consider your fashion funk an opportunity to experiment, make some changes and have fun!


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