How to Pick & Care For High Quality Makeup Brushes

Sure I am a clothing and accessory kind of gal.  But admittedly I am not that into makeup.  This is why I keep it simple (hello 5 minute face) and invest in good makeup brushes.  I’m not sure that I’ll ever understand why people will spend a lot on their makeup but skimp on the brushes.  Truth be told, high quality brushes make a huge difference in how your makeup looks.  They allow for better application and last longer, if you take care of them.  A good way to know when the brush is ready to be washed is when it is no longer soft and/or if the makeup residue is cake-y (slightly yuk, right?).  My best advice is to clean your foundation brushes at least weekly and shadow brushes every two weeks.  Use mild, liquid soap (baby shampoo works well) and warm water; rinse well and lay on a towel to dry.  With makeup brushes, price does not always indicate quality.  The best way to tell if a brush is high quality is to simply run your fingers over the brush.  If it has good ‘bounce back,’ the bristles do not fall out and most importantly, if it feels soft against the skin, than what you are looking at is a quality brush.  (Note: we always want to use soft brushes to avoid skin irritation.)  Like building a wardrobe, you will want to choose carefully and build your makeup brush collection slowly, over time.  Even though makeup brush sets can seem like a cost savings, they often include brushes you don’t use.  If you purchase them a la carte, you often spend less as you add only those brushes that make sense for your makeup routine.  My must-haves? An eyeshadow applicator, powder brush, angled blush brush, applicator, concealer brush, blending blush and eyebrow brush.  Don’t forget a nice looking brush case so your brushes stay protected at home or when you travel.  Here’s to putting your best face forward – with the right tools!

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