Amy Bandolik, Food Tour Director: A Week In The Life

Thursday, Feb 23—Color Me Happy

8:55am: I wake up in panic fearing I will be late to work. It’s five minutes to 9. Then remember I have the day off. Thursday has been my day off for four years running and yet each and every Thursday I have the same heart pounding panic attack.

Around 3pm: I stop by to see my creative and colorful friend Carol, who runs StyleWorks of Union Square. She is a colorist. Not for hair (although she can talk to you about that too). But color as in: What colors suit me best. I referred a few friends, tour guides and local chefs Carol’s way and so she offered me a free session to talk color. Three of my tour guides have found their correct and complementary colors and often comment that when they wear the right colors (winter purples for Heather, fall corals for Sephrah and turquoise blue for Anny) that their tips are higher and the tourists seem happier. It’s such a seemingly simple little color switch that yields such impressive results. Carol drapes her color swatches on me to discover my winter palette comes alive with deep pinks and purples. Carol is awesome and she lifts my spirits with her encouraging advice on how to capitalize on your colors and increase your confidence.

A few hours later: With my color palette contemplated, I meet my tour guide, former roommate and friend (that’s all one person) Anny. Anny is an excellent tour guide and a talented singer. We’re off to walk and talk on this unseasonably sunshiny day. And since Anny is a Spring color-wise, walking with her is all I need to lose those those winter blues.


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