Is ‘Tight’ Right or is ‘Bigger’ Better

Clothing size, like a cell phone number, is really quite random.   Since there’s no standardization to sizing these days, it’s easy to be a ‘different’ size with different manufacturers.  There’s really no need to attach much significance to it because in the end, it’s just a number used to guide you in your clothing selection. That said, how your clothing fits, is another story completely.  We all know it can make or break your look.

To create a flattering look, some things are best worn tighter while other items can stand to go up a size. Here are some guidelines that will help you determine if tight is right or if bigger is better.

Tight is just right when we’re talking about jeans.  Most jeans have a bit of stretch (lycra or spandex) added to them.  It’s what makes them fit snugly and showcase your curves. The truth is the first time you’ll sit down, they’ll stretch. With that in mind, the best pair to buy is the one that fits the most snug. As long as you can zip it up, button it, and breathe in it, you’re most likely in the best size.

Bigger is better when we’re talking about a trench coat.  Since there are times of the year when you will probably do a bit of layering, I would recommend trying a trench on with a bulkier item such as a blazer.  If you are between two sizes, size up.  Nothing is worse than a tight trench – especially under the arms or across the shoulders.  And, you don’t want a skimpy size to dictate what you wear underneath!

Tight is just right when we’re talking about bras. Bras have 2-4 rows of hooks that allow you to make adjustments.  Be sure when you buy your next bra that it feels best on the very last row of hooks.  This way you’ll have room to adjust, as the bra stretches out with wear and washing.  Opt to buy your lingerie in a specialty store (rather than the lingerie department of a department store) if you’re at all unsure.

Bigger is better when we’re talking about leggings.  Let’s face it…most leggings leave nothing to the imagination.  With that in mind, don’t hesitate to try them a size larger than your pant size. A little more ease (and a long tunic or tissue-weight cardie) may make you feel less self-conscious wearing them in public. They should look like street wear, not like exercise wear.

Tighter is better when we’re talking about tops worn under a ‘3rd piece.’  Many blazers are cut to fit close to the body.  With that in mind, you’ll want to eliminate as much bulk under the jacket as you can.  With a fitted top or cami, the lines of the jacket will be smooth and you’ll feel more comfortable.  On the other hand, if you’re wearing a loose cardigan, it’s nice to see some definition of the body with a fitted under pinning.

Suffice to say, it’s probably best to avoid an outfit of entirely tight (TMI) or entirely big/loose clothing.  Aim for a happy mix between the two and remember…Size is just a number.  Rather than focus on the size, focus on the fit.

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