Forbes: Summer Style

It’s summertime, and while the living may be easy, the dressing can be a problem. Particularly if you’ve got to wear a suit.

…“We’re seeing a lot of high-pigmented and bright solids in terms of shirting and other accents,” says Carol Davidson, a New York-based image consultant with StyleWorks of Union Square, whose clientele of busy executives is 35% men. “Designers have also been having a lot more fun with accessories, such as bright belts, wallets and cuff links. Where more conservative men might stick with mint green and/or something equally pale, more creative exective types have had plenty of bright colors to embrace.”

The great white summer revolution that was played up in so many men’s magazines never quite made it to the streets. yet the return of seersuckers did—and not your grandfather’s seersucker, either, but relaxed and stylish suits in a range of heus. “While such a relaxed look might not wear well to a high-powered business meeting, executives who crisp them up with great fit, quality accessories, and even their own confident body language, will find seersuckers a good alternative on days when they don’t have any client contact,” notes Davidson….

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