Makeover you Morning Routine

How do you greet your day? Do you dash out the door feeling refreshed and ready or do you instead feel fatigued and frazzled?  If frequently experience the ladder, you’re not alone. From beauty rituals and picking an outfit, to a.m. chores and childcare commitments, most of our mornings are filled with a laundry list of things that we’ve got to get done. It’s no wonder we start our day with a tablespoon of stress in addition to our cup of joe. But the truth is that mornings can hold a unique opportunity to pause and prep for the day. Read on for a few ways to transform your mornings from manic to manageable.

Get Your Grove On: Do you struggle to wake up or get out of bed? Why not set your alarm to your favorite radio station and wake up to your favorite tunes?  Fun and festive music will get your blood pumping, your body moving and your mind prepped for a productive day. More importantly, make sure that your alarm is across the room so you will actually have to get up to shut it off.  Another trick is to carefully plot your playlist based on the amount of time you have in the morning.  For example, allot the timing of two songs for the shower, two for your hair and two for makeup application.  This unconventional timer will keep you on track so you don’t run late.

Organize Your Outfits:  Let’s face it.  One of the most time-consuming activities of the morning can be selecting what to wear. From not being able to find your favorite blouse, to realizing the pants you planned on are still at the cleaners, morning wardrobe surprises are a major bummer.  Avoid this a.m. time suck by planning your wardrobe the night before.  Consider planning your weekly wardrobe on Sunday night. Take it one step further by placing your planned outfits, organized by day, in the front of your closet rack. You will walk out the door stylish and stress free.

Think Double-Duty: Streamline your beauty routine by using products that serve two functions.  Opt for a moisturizing shower soap and conditioning shampoo. Use a BB crème that serves as a tinted moisturizer and provides you with SPF protection. Skip the powder blush, apply your lipstick with your fingers and then spread the excess onto your cheeks.

Pack Your Bags:  Prep all of your bags that you carry the night before. Whether it be your purse, laptop or gym bag, have your bags all neatly packed and set out in an accessible area.  If you alternate between a few purses, put all of your items in a purse organizer so that it’s easier to switch handbags.  For last minute items, have a dedicated place for keys, phone etc. –  whatever you spend time looking for.

Grab and Go: Taking your lunch to work is always a healthy and economical option.  However it can be time consuming to prepare your lunch the same day. Plan your meals and buy groceries in advance so you’ll have all of your fixins at the ready to make and pack up your lunch the night before.  Just remember to take it with you before you head out the door! (A little post it note on the fridge never hurt – smile.)  With your lunch already taken care of, you may actually have the chance to enjoy your morning coffee or have a bite to eat. Increase your chances by setting you coffee maker the night before and having easy-to-grab breakfast items like a hard-boiled egg or power bar on hand.

Yes you can have a seamless and stress free morning!  All it takes is a bit of forethought and your favorite cup of caffeine!

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