How to Prolong the Life of Your Clothing

Chances are if you are reading this, you love (or at least like) your clothes. You choose wisely.  And you want to take care of your clothes so they stay in good condition and last a long time.  Truth be told, clothing care need not be difficult.  It’s the little things you do (or don’t do) that can make the biggest difference.  Here are a few, quick tips.

How and when you clean your clothing is the most important consideration. Get serious about familiarizing yourself with the clothing care labels and following their instructions. Be sure to wash like-colored items together to avoid color transfer. Turn dark colors inside out before washing to avoid fading. Because heat can break down clothing fibers, wash items in cold water and hang them to dry whenever possible. Treat stains immediately by carrying a portable stain-removing wipe or pen with you.

Be mindful to dry-clean your clothing only when needed. Unless they are stained, trousers, skirts, or jackets should be dry-cleaned no more than twice a season. Hang these and all items to air out after each wearing. Never store any garments on the dry-cleaning hangers, as the wires can misshape or damage your clothing. Additionally, remove your garments from the dry-cleaning bags to avoid discoloration. For pressing, opt for a steamer instead of an iron for a faster and more fabric-friendly alternative.

Remember, to prolong the life of your clothing, you’ll need to take the same level of care to maintain it as you did to select it.

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