Your Morning Checklist

Mornings are tough. Most of us have way too many things to do and not nearly enough time to do them. Here’s a novel idea, which may be an ‘ouch’ for some:  Make sure you wake up early enough to get all your stuff done. This may mean breaking up with your snooze button or – dare I say it – waking up 15 or 20 minutes earlier than usual. Beeelieve me, I know this is difficult to do. But after a few stress-free mornings, don’t be surprised if you’re not motivated to make it a morning habit. What’s another good habit for a less stressful start? Making a checklist of what needs to be taken care of (or taken with you) before you leave the house. Admittedly this habit is easier to adopt because I’ve already done it for you (smile). Read on, my sleepy friends…

Check Your Chores 

The reality is that how you leave your home in the morning, is how you’ll find it when you return. Who wants to be greeted by dirty dishes in the sink?  Here’s a checklist of some quick morning tasks to ensure a more welcome return. Load the dishwasher. Take out the trash. Water the plants. Put away 2-3 items before you go.  By checking a few things off your list each morning, you’ll take some of the stress out of your chores and also out of your evening routine.

Check Your Outfit

Give your outfit the once-over for any fashion faux paus. A quick checklist includes the following: Check for any ‘mystery’ stains. Ditto for hanging treads or loose buttons. Keep a lint brush at the ready. Make sure the hem of your pants is appropriate for the height of your shoe. And while you are looking at your hem… don’t forget to glance at your shoes to make sure that they’re in tip-top condition.  At the other end, check your reflection to make sure that you don’t have lipstick on your teeth and that your hair is neat.

Check Your Bag

What will you need today? Business cards? Mints? Metro card? Make sure you make a mental – or even physical – checklist of what you need for the day and scan your bag before you walk out the door. It is always a good idea to make sure you have some other essentials like tissues, aspirin and Band Aids for unexpected emergencies. Another uber important, yet often forgotten essential is your phone or tablet charger. (You never know when you’ll run out of juice!) The more prepared you are, the better your day will be.

Check Your Nutritional Needs

Speaking of juice…Your mother was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! While it may seem counterintuitive to sit down and eat something, a morning munchie will provide you with more energy. No time? Throw a breakfast bar in your bag (and onto your checklist) to counter the effects of a mid-morning slump. While at it, don’t forget about your hydration needs. While most of us need our cup of “motivation” in the morning, a caffeinated beverage can be dehydrating. Make sure to start your day off with at least one cup of water.

Check Your Attitude

What is the one thing that you simply cannot leave home without? A good attitude. It will give you perspective, energize your morning and potentially change your day. As you’re getting ready in the morning, make it a habit to think of one or two things that you are grateful for. Whether it be your spouse, your job, a warm winter coat or a delicious cup of joe, there is always something to be thankful for!  What’s more, you will find that a positive mental attitude is contagious~

Remember, starting your day off right is essential to having a good day. Who wouldn’t want to check that off their list? (Smile…)

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