Meet Carol Davidson

For the past 18 years, I’ve enhanced the looks and the lives of my clients, giving them the courage to confidently show up for what matters most. I’ve always been drawn to helping others in some capacity. The ability to see people’s highest potential is like a light bulb that can’t be turned off. It’s just there, shining with possibility.

Before I became a life and style coach, my own light was clouded by all the “shoulds” that often keep us in line.

I played it safe. I focused on pleasing others. I opted to blend in instead of standing out. My decisions, both large and small, were driven by what I thought I was “supposed” to be doing and who I thought I “should” be. I was living in my head and dismissing my heart.

For many years, I ignored the allure of fashion school (and later job offers) for the tried and true business track, hustling my way through the ranks of the corporate world. I found myself in sales at the most corporate of companies—Xerox. I didn’t quite fit the archetype of the typical salesperson. There was no room for my youthful spirit and cuddly persona.

Unwilling to alter my softer side, I turned my marketing expertise on myself in an effort to establish more visual command. I used my wardrobe as a tool to enhance my image and communicate my business acumen without losing who I really was in the process. I got results—and I got noticed for all the right reasons.

I was amazed that subtle tweaks could have such a major impact. What I’d done for my own image—and the difference it made for me both personally and professionally—was palpable. At just 5’2”, I stood taller. I felt empowered.

After experiencing that kind of transformation, I wanted to help others do the same. But, since it didn’t fit into the image of who and what I thought I was “supposed” to be, I set it aside and continued to climb the corporate ladder.

I soon became the Director of Corporate Sales for Zagat and was living what most would consider a pretty enviable professional life—eating out 5 nights a week, meeting interesting people, and making incredible money. But even with all that, something just wasn’t lining up.

I kept thinking, “I should love this life, shouldn’t I?”

Once again, I tried to ignore it, but our truth has a funny way of bubbling up to the surface no matter how hard we try and push it down. After some serious soul-searching (and more than a few sleepless nights), I realized I needed to put the “shoulds” on the shelf and start doing what made me happy.

I gave myself permission to follow my gut and pursue my calling, which was to help others identify and step into their true power, passion, and purpose.

I started my own image consulting company, StyleWorks of Union Square Inc. in 1999

and quickly grew a roster of clients who sought a balance of style and ease in their lives. I loved every minute and it was thrilling to see such widespread transformation and tangible results from clients in both their personal and professional lives.

Despite my own enthusiasm, many people simply didn’t get it. They couldn’t understand how I could leave such a sexy (not to mention stable) career to start something new. But, it made total sense to me and I made no apologies.

The big “AHA” was in realizing that the more I gave myself permission to not just follow my truth, but to own it without explanation, the more seamless my success and joy became—and the more committed I became to providing that for my clients.

I discovered that it’s never just about the new dress, the right tie, or the perfect shoes—it’s about walking powerfully in them toward your own true north.

So, in 2016, I rebranded the company as Carol Davidson Inc. – Life. Style. Strategy.

I had already been coaching clients beyond their closets for years, so it was such an exciting and organic move to officially integrate life coaching into my business. I now get to help my clients create a life that feels as good as it looks.

Let’s face it: There’s no dress rehearsal. We have one life to live and this is it.

From revamping your wardrobe to easing you into a new phase of life, I create a safe, supportive space to help you take on whatever you want to create next.

Whether we start from the outside in or the inside out, the goal is always the same—to guide you toward a look AND a life that lights you up.

Nothing thrills me more than showing my clients just how possible, effortless, and downright fun it can be once they give themselves that permission. It’s an ongoing practice of honoring yourself and your passions, no matter what attempts to get in the way.

For almost 20 years now, I’ve helped thousands step into the very best version of themselves the way I did many moons ago.

When I started living from the space of who I really was instead of who I thought I was supposed to be, everything fell into place.

I’m grateful every day for the courage of conviction it took to step away from the “shoulds,” even when that wasn’t comfortable or convenient.

My mission is to help you discover that same freedom and empowerment even sooner than I did, so you can live life as you were really meant to. I’m here to support you, as you step into your own “AHA” moments.

Let’s illuminate your path to a future that’s bright in every way.