Top Trends – Spring 2011

Most of us are now ready to step into spring in style. There are 7 great trends to look out for this season. Bright colors can be a fabulous mood-booster in the sunny weather, but it’s all about wearing the “right” bright. There is something for everyone! I know we’ve all done the stripe bit time and time again, but this spring, a nautical twist is in! Consider wearing a blue and white striped belt, shoe or purse if the widening effect cautions you.

We seem to see old trends constantly repeated. This season, bell-bottom jeans and full trousers with high waists are back. Pair them with a fitted top to streamline the silhouette. Styles from the 70’s are also slowly but surely squeezing their way in. It’s fashion déjà vu!  Silk scarves used as belts or headbands, thick heeled shoes, macrame and crochet, disco-ready gowns, and 70’s inspired fabrics like bold bronzes are all in. So you don’t look like a throw-back to this generation, avoid doing this trend head-to-toe. A little goes a long way.

There’s no denying that prints predominate this season. Mixing and matching prints can turn up the volume in your wardrobe. Just make sure something is the same (i.e., the colors) to visually link the two patterns together and something is different (like the scale or motif). On a lighter note, sheer fabrics are great for this season as well. They are light enough for the spring and summer and can be layered in many ways. Just don’t forget to wear your fresh and flirty attitude with it! The last trend, which has been long overdue in my opinion, is the Midi/Maxi.  Hemlines are headed south (below the knee) for spring. They look great in colder weather with a boot and just as fabulous in warmer weather  with a wedge.

Any of these trends will definitely Spring you into style this season!

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