5 Questions Successful Sale Shoppers Ask Themselves

The good news is that it is once again summer sale time!  The bad news is that with all of the deep discounts, we are more tempted to buy things we might not otherwise consider.  The truth is we can be easily seduced by price tag and find ourselves coming home with items we don’t need, can’t use and flatter only a select few (i.e. overalls, midi-length skirts and so on).  To help minimize the buyer’s remorse that can sometimes accompany a sale, ask yourself a few questions before you hand over your credit card.

  • Is the accessory or clothing item in a color, style and shape that flatters you?  (Just because an item is on sale, doesn’t make it right for y-o-u.)
  • How does the item fit you?  (Alterations can add up.)
  • Will you get good use from the item?  (Consider the role it plays in your wardrobe.)
  • Do you love it – or at least like it?
  • Would you purchase the item if it wasn’t on sale?

If you answer no to even one of these questions, I’d recommend leaving the potential purchase on the rack. Remember a few bargains can easily equal the cost of one-full price item next season so you want to be thoughtful of your choices – regardless of the price tag.

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