Why Know Your Best Colors?

Between the plethora of in-store options and the limitless possibilities on the internet, shopping can be overwhelming.  With so many options, one might be tempted to just play it safe with black (or navy or gray for that matter). But where’s the fun in that? After all, there is a whole rainbow of colors to explore and no better time than summer to add a bit of color to your closet.

As an image consultant, one of the first steps in helping my clients build a working wardrobe is to give them the tools to be discerning with their choices. One way to do this is with a color analysis.  If you’ve ever had your colors done, you know what a big difference it can make!  Knowing your most flattering colors not only helps you navigate the “playing field,” it also brings with it a whole host of other benefits. Read on for my take on why the key to looking great – and having a more cohesive wardrobe – starts with a look at your best colors.*

Look your best.  Did you get 8 hours of sleep last night? How would you like to look as though you had? Wearing the right colors can make you look healthy, well rested and vibrant. Your best colors can give you a certain glow and make you look younger, thinner and more visually appealing. The great news here is that it doesn’t cost any more to buy a garment in a color that flatters you, as opposed to one that does not.

Be choosy.  Each season the folks at Pantone provide us with a handful of color trends to choose from.  It’s easy to get seduced and buy the “color of the moment” without considering if it works well with you or your wardrobe.  Knowing your best colors allows you to edit the new colors of the season and choose only those that flatter you. On the flip side, it can also encourage you to strategically add a bit more when you find your best colors featured on the selling floor.

Save time and money.  If you first consider color, you can save time by quickly scanning the selling floor for your best options. Once you have this subset of possibilities, you can then edit by style, fit and so on. Truth be told, some of the items in your closet that you are not wearing may be due to the color. Bottom line…Knowing your best colors helps you repeat your clothing successes and minimize costly clothing mistakes.

Look forward to pleasant surprises. Sometimes you may buy something and think that you have only one or two items to go with it.  However, when you shop within “your” palette of colors, you will often discover that you have many other companion pieces that work back to your new item. When you purchase items within your color range, you will find that they not only look well on you, they look well with each other and are easier to mix and match.

Shop online with greater ease. Sure, many websites offer free returns. But who wants to go through the hassle?  When you make selections based on your most flattering colors, you have a higher rate of success.  So before putting an item in your shopping cart, ask yourself, “Is this a color that not only flatters the model, but also flatters me?

Most importantly, knowing and wearing your best colors means more confidence and ease in getting dressed.  And let’s not forget the additional compliments that are sure to come your way!

*For information or to schedule a color analysis, please email info@caroldavidson.com.

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