How to Get More Joy From Your Wardrobe

When you open your closet door, how does it make you feel?  Often when I ask a new client this question, I hear the following answers: Bored. Challenged. Uninspired. Some clients even yawn…yikes! Call me crazy, but I believe that you can and should love every piece of clothing in your closet.  Your wardrobe should inspire you to get dressed and tackle your day with confidence and enthusiasm.  But does it? So often we settle for ok, good enough or fine.  (By the way, “fine” is my least favorite word in the mix. It lacks energy, emotion and passion.)

The truth is that many people are suck in a rut and can’t seem to get beyond their basic uniform – all black (more on that in a future post), a white shirt and black pants or a dark-colored, solid dress. While these items and pairings can be quite chic, the truth of the matter is that a steady diet of these can feel predictable.  And often “uniform” dressing can mean that nothing feels inspiring or special.

If this resonates with you, it begs the question…How ready are you to step out of your style slump?  Read on for four ways to add more pep to your style step.

Experiment with color.  When was the last time you added a new color to your closet?  (And I’m not talking about navy or charcoal gray – smile.)  Every season there is an emphasis on a few specific colors.  If want to know about this season’s hottest hues, check out Pantone, the leading authority on color forecasting. Then head to your favorite store and try on a few of these colors and see how they feel. Which colors flatter your features and make your heart happy?  You will be surprised how adding color to your closet will inspire you and add new life into your existing wardrobe.  (Note: if you are in need of a color consult, I’m only a phone call away.)

Add one more accessory.  Coco Chanel is famous for telling people to add accessories to their ensembles and then take one accessory off.  I can appreciate the sentiment.  But as dress codes shift to the casual and fashion becomes a bit more ubiquitous, I don’t believe this rule is relevant any longer.  So if you like rings, add one more to your fingers than you have.  If bangles are your thing, create a cluster of them for your wrist.  If you like finer, more delicate jewelry, layer two or three or more together. For more impact, make accessory additions to your outfits, not subtractions.

Stop playing favorites.  Look beyond the pieces that you typically wear.  Head to the back of your closet and search for three or four pieces that you haven’t worn in a while and make a conscious effort to pair (and wear) them.  If you’re feeling uninspired, look to your favorite blog posts or fashion magazine (or your favorite image consultant) for some ideas.  Who knows?  You may catch yourself wondering why you haven’t worn “this blouse” or ‘that skirt” in a while and feel like you struck gold in your own closet.  The best news is that these items are already paid for.

Sport a standout piece.   I’m all for the wardrobe workhorses – a great, classic blazer, a yummy V-neck cashmere sweater or an always-appropriate pencil skirt.  But just on their own, you may be bored or need to work a little harder to have them “say” something. Hence, my recommendation for a standout piece. One way to think about this is to consider how you “dress” your dining table for dinner guests.  You set the table using your everyday dishes and basic cutlery, but place fresh flowers at the center of the table.  This centerpiece can make everything else on the tale look more visually interesting.  Consider the following substitutions and impact items:

  • Wear a blazer in a pattern when you would have typically selected a solid.
  • Carry an over-sized handbag. The exaggerated shape makes a statement.
  • Instead of wearing a neutral trench, wear one in this season’s hottest hues.
  • Wear an oxford or a slip on in burgundy, blush or metallic and give your black or brown shoes a break.

The good news is that is doesn’t take a lot of change to be inspired and spark joy.  What’s more, the start of a season is the perfect time to breathe new life into your look and into your closet. Remember, clothes and accessories are meant to be enjoyed and inspire you to be your best. Why would you settle for less?

Note: if you’d like help with a wardrobe refresh, let’s talk! Contact me to set up a complimentary 30-minute discovery call.

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