A Case for Monochromatic Dressing

I love interesting color combos as much as the next person.  But no one can deny the elegance of wearing one color top to bottom.  Chic factor aside, there are a whole host of reasons that I recommend this simple, yet sophisticated color harmony.  For starters wearing one color top to bottom makes everyone look taller and slimmer.  Many think that this is only true when wearing black but the truth is that any color worn top to bottom keeps the eye moving in a vertical direction.  (To maximize this effect choose a color for your clothing and shoes in the same value as you hair.) Furthermore, a monochromatic color scheme has high utility and use-value.  Change the necklace or scarf, shoes and bag and all of a sudden your outfit takes on a whole different look and feel.  What this means is that you can wear this column of color with frequency and no one will be the wiser.  Additionally monochromatic outfits are just the ticket when you want to “showcase” a favorite piece of jewelry or patterned shoe. And let’s not forget that monochromatic dressing makes it a snap to get dressed.  (Think “one and done” dressing!)  It also minimizes the concern I hear from clients wondering if one color “goes” with another.  As long as the blacks (or navys or grays) are the same, you are good to go.  It’s only when your same colored pieces are slightly off from one another that it starts to look like a near miss.  Remember… whether it’s top-to-bottom earth tones, winter whites, or a neutral hues, monochromatic dressing offers an understated option for a standout look!

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