How to Layer for Fall (A.K.A Become a Layer Player)

Brisk, breezy weather brings with it an invitation to bundle up. But just like the weekend transit schedule, we know that fall temperatures can be a bit unpredictable.  Not only can a chilly morning yield a warm afternoon and make it difficult to get dressed, but an overly heated office on a chilly day can add to our clothing confusion. We’ve all been there…Minutes out the door we realize our three quarter-sleeve blouse wasn’t enough to survive the wind chill. That’s why layering is key to not only staying on trend, but also to staying comfortable with a flux in temperatures. What’s more style and practically can intersect as we explore the ways to layer with gusto and enthusiasm.

Add Luxe Layers:  There is no better way to add depth to an outfit than with texture. Chunky cardies, textured scarfs and nubby knits not only up the cozy factor, they add visual interest. This works especially well when wearing a monochromatic outfit.  While sticking with one color scheme is chic and simple, it can sometimes read a bit understated.  So why not vary your textures for extra impact?  An outfit that I recently created for a client comes to mind. We started with a black trouser and added a black velvet jacket and black lace T.  Sure it was basic black but with a contrast of textures, it was anything but boring!

Up the Ante:  You can add a sophisticated flair to your work wear by opting for pieces with the same level of formality and tone. In other words, make sure your pieces “talk” to each other to create a cohesive, well-thought out look.  In addition a third piece (think blazer, cardigan or vest) is a great way to power up and punctuate any look.   You might even consider wearing a colorful cardigan underneath a blazer to add touch of whimsy – not to mention another layer of warmth – to an otherwise neutral palette.

Think Thin: Sure the ultimate goal is to be warm but you want to be careful not to create too much bulk. The trick here is to keep your layers thin and well-fitted.  Truth be told, two thin layers can be warmer yet lighter than one thick layer because the air trapped between layers serves as thermal insulation. To avoid looking boxy, wear a structured piece on top or consider adding a belt. You may also want to think about limiting your layers.  Unless you are really in the deep freeze, three layers is probably sufficient to keep you warm and still maintain a streamlined look. The skinny of the story is that by being conscious with your choices, layers can be fabulously flattering.

So go ahead and layer up. Creating new, multi-layered combos will not only keep you comfy regardless of the temperature change, it will also add another dimension to your daily dressing routine!

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